Suwannee River Water Management District Map Modernization Program
About the Map Modernization Program

Map Modernization Vision

The SRWMD’s vision is that by the end of FY2009, all counties within its boundaries will have an updated Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) -- some with new detailed studies, some with approximate studies and some with updated base mapping.


DFIRMs are web-based digital flood maps that may be easily updated as development changes occur. These updates will be part of the maintenance phase of the mapping program. Ultimately, the SRWMD would like detailed mapping using detailed topography (LiDAR) for all of its populated and rapidly growing coastal areas. It also would like detailed mapping for currently unmapped and unnumbered areas where significant development pressures are predicted.


By using updated DFIRMs and acquiring land in flood-prone areas, the District will have a better chance of meeting its flood protection goals through a strategy of non-structural floodplain management.

Photo of Stream

Falling Creek Falls, one of Florida's largest and most scenic natural waterfalls.

Click on photo to enlarge. (Photo courtesy SRWMD)