Suwannee River Water Management District Map Modernization Program
About the Map Modernization Program

Flood Protection Goals

Photo of road closed due to floodingTwo of the SRWMD's major goals are to minimize harm from flooding and to enhance public awareness, understanding and participation in water resource management.


The District operates under a nonstructural floodplain management policy adopted in 1979. In other words, no dams, dikes or other flood control structures. Instead, the SRWMD employs other methods including regulatory permitting, stormwater improvement projects, land acquisition, GIS development, and public outreach and assistance. This approach has been quite successful in protecting natural resources and minimizing flood damage to property.


Thus, the District’s strategy, which is heavily dependent upon suitable floodplain delineations, is closely aligned with FEMA’s Map Mod initiative.






Floodmaps help identify flood zones.